Enjoy these Christmas "card" messages from your church family. Have a wonderful holiday! You are loved.

From Pam & Rod Woelfel

"Today, Christmas Day 2020, Jesus is sitting on the throne—sitting, not standing, because His work is done (Hebrews 8:1–2)! And yet, He is active in this very moment. He is rescuing, redeeming, and restoring even now. He is making all things new (Revelation 21:5). And one day—oh, glorious day—the thief named Death will be destroyed forever. Disease and doubt and despair will be destroyed forever. There will be no more sorrow and no more tears. So today, on the day we celebrate Christ’s birth, we say to one another, “This is what’s true.” The redemption story is true. One day we’ll be face to face with that Savior born in a manger, and our every longing will be fulfilled in Him (1 Cor. 13:12). Merry Christmas, friends. Jesus Christ is born!"

From Ken & Elaine Yoder

"We miss you all so much. May you be filled with the peace and joy of Jesus Christ now and through the new year."

From The Rizner-Mott Family

"On behalf of the Rizner-Mott family we wish you a very “Merry Christmas” & “A Blessed New Year! Remember we are one in spirit no matter near or far. For “Nothing” can separate us from the love of God."

From Branson Family

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Branson Family. We are looking forward to what God's has planned for our Family in 2021."

From Melissa Stuedemann

"As Christmas approaches, I am reminded of so many widowed in the congregation. I have continually had to remind myself, and now I am reminding you: whether you have been widowed for mere hours or years, The Bible says, if you have accepted Christ, you are 'The Bride of Christ.' Although this might seem strange to widowers, remember Jesus is God incarnate, yet God is neither male nor female, He is. Time does not change for Him. He is Immanuel and, as Immanuel, He is Time...no matter when we are, when we are reminiscing, He is at THAT moment in time! As I 'write' this, God is working through me. I hope that as you read it, God works through you, as well.  Sincerely, Your Sister in Christ, Melissa."

From The Kirk Family (Bob, Josie, Joshua & Nicholas)

"The Kirk family wishes our College Park Church family a healthy and happy Merry Christmas and a much more peaceful and safe New Year."

From Danny & Jackie Robinson

"Happy Advent! My family along with yours are joyed at the celebration of Emmanuel! My Mom and I are sending virtual hugs to you all. Miss seeing all of you. A special shout out for the team at CPCC that comes to serve at safe harbor. You are a blessing!"

From Mark & Sherry Cottone

"Mark and I want to wish our beloved church family a very warm and heart-filled Christmas! It's a very "different" Christmas, as this whole year has been, but God keeps reminding us that He is still seated on His throne and everything is still under His authority. May you rest in that knowledge and look for His presence and majesty in everyday life. Thank you for being the people you are! We love you!"

From Paul & Shannon Busick

"We wish you and your families the most merriest Christmas you are able to have in these weird times in which we live! If you make the best out of where you are in life, and love one another with reckless abandon, as if you are not guaranteed a tomorrow, you will discover how truly little you need to be content. God is good, all the time."

From Frank, Kim & Johnny Harmison

"Wishing all of our church family many Christmas Blessings. Love, The Harmison’s"

From Doug & Lynn Kelsey

"Merry Christmas from the Kelsey’s. Thinking of our church family and praying your celebrations bring you joy as you remember God’s amazing love shown through His son, Jesus."

From Clay & Lisa Johnson

"Thanks so much CPCC Church family. You have been so patient as we all went through struggles to make video available online this year. Normally, I just blame Brent because that's easy. Lisa and I want to see everyone's face in 2021. And we want to throw away our masks, stand a foot from someone at the store, and have a waiter bring our food to the table. But I guess most of all, we just want to continue to be close to so many awesome people at CPCC. Have a Merry Christmas." 


From Kathy Mundell-Bligh

"Wish a very happy and blessed Christmas to all my church family as we commemorate Jesus’ coming to our world.  Praying for a safe new year for us all."

From The Salm Family

"From our family to yours we would like to wish you a very joyous and Merry Christmas! We know it will be quite different for most this year but we are still celebrating the same event that brought hope and peace to our world. Emmanuel - God with us! Not even a pandemic can change that! We will miss being in person with you Christmas Eve but we will be celebrating with you online! God bless and Merry Christmas!!  ~The Salms"