What We Believe

God is the living Creator and Ruler of the universe, eternal and present throughout time. (Genesis 1.1; Exodus 20.11; Psalm 24.1; Acts 4.24; Hebrews 1.10, Hebrews 11.3)

Every person is a creation of God made in His image, intended to receive His love, enjoy eternal fellowship with Him and reflect His love and purposes on earth. Sin (disobedience of God's will) separates us from God and destroys our relationship with Him. Grace (God's undeserved gift) restores that relationship.
(Genesis 1.26; Psalm 8.3-5; Genesis 3.24; Galatians 1.3-5; Romans 3.23; Romans 6.23; Colossians 1.19-22)

The Jesus of Scripture is the One and Only Son of God, born of a virgin. He lived a sinless life, died on a cross for our sins and rose from the dead to show His love for us and restore our relationship to God.
(Romans 5.19; I Corinthians 15.1-4; Philippians 2.5-11; Colossians 1.15-18)

Our relationship with God is restored by grace, which is the forgiveness of sin and the promise of eternal life. This grace is available to those who by faith trust Jesus as their Savior and accept Him as Lord of their lives.
(Joel 2.13; John 1.11; John 1.16; John 3.16; Romans 5.1-2; Ephesians 2.8-9)

The Bible states that those accepting Jesus should repent of their sin, confess their faith and be baptized into Jesus.
(Proverbs 28.13; Matthew 16.16; I John 1.9; Acts 2.38; Acts 3.19; Romans 6.3-4)

God's Spirit indwells all those who by faith accept Jesus as Lord of their life and commit their lives to Him, empowering them to live the Christian life.
(John 14.15-17; Romans 8.9; I Corinthians 3.16; Acts 1.8)

God's Spirit creates and empowers the Church to bring the message of forgiveness to the lost, spiritual maturity to the saved and change to the world around it. (Ephesians 2.19-22; Matthew 28.19-20)

The Bible is the inspired Word of God, revealing to us God's nature, love and purpose through God's Spirit.
(II Timothy 3.16; II Peter 1.21; Revelation 1.1; Zechariah 7.12)

Jesus will one day return to earth and reign forever over all the universe as Lord of Lords and King of Kings.
(Psalm 98.9; Matthew 26.64; Acts 1.11; Hebrews 9.28; II Peter 3.10; Romans 2.6-16)