Good Friday 2021

It seems like many of the Good Fridays I remember have been rainy and gloomy days, which always seemed somehow appropriate. Tomorrow's forecast is sunny and warm. Many people would call that a "good weather day" for early April. As we take time to remember Christ's sacrifice, reflect on that word: good. Think about the ways you use it everyday, the things you describe with it. And then, take a few moments and think about why it is the perfect word for such a day as the one when Jesus died.

Our video reflection for Good Friday  is about 35 minutes long and includes Scripture, a series of dramatic monologues by the Skit Guys, four of the "Voices of Jesus" poems by Michael Escbouas and a presentation of some classic artwork. May these elements help provide some focus as you reflect on Jesus' sacrifice and we look forward to His Victorious Resurrection that we celebrate on Sunday.